Georgia Gardener Newsletter Cool Tool December 4, 2008

Felco Pruners

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Felco #6 Bypass Pruners and F-910 Holster

I am a fan of just about any product made by Felco. I have two #6 bypass pruners, the #F-600 folding saw and the #F-33 loppers. These are the most durable garden tools I've ever owned.

I dropped my first pair of #6 pruners one November a few years back and by the time I discovered they were gone, I was looking at an acre of 6-inch deep leaves as my search area. I just bought another pair. The next spring as the fallen leaves compacted down, the bright red handles of my original pair became visible. Unfortunately, they were completely rusted shut. Because the pruners are easy to disassemble and all individual parts are replaceable, I simply took them apart and cleaned them with naval jelly. I did have to replace the small spring between the handles.

The hand pruners come in a variety of sizes. The #6 is designed for people with smaller hands. Walter uses the classic #2 which keeps us from mixing up our tools when working on projects together. There are pruners with rotating handles that are easier on the wrist, anvil-type pruners and pruners for the left-handers of the world.

Felco tools are NOT your cheap, poorly made garden tools that can be tossed when they wear out. These Swiss-made tools are designed to last for years and the price reflects that. The hand pruners range in price from about $50.00-$80.00 depending upon the model. These are THE hand pruners for the professional or serious gardener or for those who appreciate quality tools and equipment. They can be purchased from many retail garden centers or online. To see the entire line of Felco products, go to

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