Georgia Gardener Newsletter Cool Tool December 4, 2008

Long Handle Bulb Planter

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If you routinely plant a large number of bulbs in individual planting holes and you want to spare your knees and back the pain of having to be at ground level, you can quickly and easily dig 4-inch diameter holes up to 8 inches deep while standing. The shoulders at the top of the funnel can be stepped down upon for slightly tougher soil. The handle can be rotated to drive the steel funnel to the desired depth. Simply drop the bulb into the hole and cover it with dirt. This tool can also be used to dig holes for 6-pack and 4-inch plants.

This is great gift for any gardener that routinely plants bulbs or seasonal annuals. There are quite a few different models available and they range in price from about $20.00-$30.00.

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