Georgia Gardener Newsletter Cool Plant: November 16, 2006

Golden Variegated Sweet Flag
Acorus gramineus 'Ogon'

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Species Native Range: Japan
Hardiness: USDA Zones 5-10
Mature Size: 12 inches tall and wide, slowly spreading
Exposure: Full Sun to Moderate Shade
Soil: Moist to wet acidic soil
Ease of Culture: Easy

Golden Variegated Sweet Flag (GVSF) is a grass-like, evergreen perennial that has pale green narrow leaves with a vertical white strip. Unlike the common mondo grass and liriope, GVSF can withstand constantly damp to wet soil or be slightly submerged at the edge of a bog, pond or stream.

Plant GVSF in full sun to moderate shade. When planted in full sun, it should be in soil that remains reliably damp or the foliage may scorch. The soil should be acidic in pH and high in organic matter. Remove any tattered foliage in the early spring just before new growth begins. Divide every few years in the spring. Deer resistant.

GVSF makes a wonderful companion plant with other bog or stream plants. When growing in full sun, good companion plants include: Pickerel Weed, Redtwig Dogwood, Pitcher Plants and Japanese Iris. In shade, plant GVSF with: Lady Fern (and Foam Flower), Hosta and Cinnamon Fern.


Although I have seen or purchased this plant from the nurseries below, I cannot guarantee that they will have it in stock at the time this newsletter is published.

Buck Jones Nurseries: Grayson and Woodstock
Habersham Gardens: Atlanta
Hastings Nursery: Atlanta (404) 869-7447
Pike Family Nurseries: multiple locations

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