Georgia Gardener Newsletter Design Tip: August 24, 2006

Easy To Grow Perennials

Are your plants suffering due to drought? We can offer advice through our Drought Consultation Services.

This is the second part in the series of easy to grow plants for Georgia. In the previous newsletter, I covered easy to grow trees and shrubs. This issue will cover perennials for a variety of sun and soil conditions and will include groundcovers, grasses, vines and bulbs.

Remember, to have the best chance of success with your plants: Also...

Full Sun with Average to Dry Soil

Full Sun with Moist to Wet Soil

Part Shade/Shade with Average to Dry Soil

Part Shade/Shade with Moist to Wet Soil

Ground Covers for Sun (S) and Part Shade (PS)
Never Plant Ivy or Vinca

Vines for Sun (S) and Part Shade (PS)

Ornamental Grasses

Bulbs for Northern (Zones 7-8) and Southern (Zones 8+) Georgia

Coming September 7: Easy to Grow Annuals

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