Georgia Gardener Newsletter Design Tip: August 10, 2006

Easy To Grow Trees & Shrubs

Are your plants suffering due to drought? We can offer advice through our Drought Consultation Services.

If you have just started gardening or have recently moved to Georgia (and are now wondering if you made a mistake with all this heat and drought), there are plenty of wonderful plants that you can use to ease you into gardening in the south. Remember, to have the best chance of success with your plants:

First, a couple of things to review or learn:

Large Canopy/Shade Trees (40+ feet tall)

Medium Trees (20-40 feet tall)

Small Trees (< 20 feet tall)

Evergreen Trees for Screening (Small, Medium and Large)

Deciduous Flowering Shrubs For Sun

Deciduous Flowering Shrubs For Part Shade

Evergreen Shrubs For Sun (S) and Part Shade (PS)

In the next Georgia Gardener Newsletter (August 24, 2006), I will discuss some of the easiest perennials for sun, shade, moist and dry soils.

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