Georgia Gardener Newsletter Cool Plant: August 10, 2006

Sum & Substance Hosta
Hosta x 'Sum & Substance'

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In terms of hostas, Sum & Substance is the "big boy" of the group. This monster-sized plant will grow to be upwards of 3 feet tall and 5-6 feet wide! Each individual leaf can be 18-24 inches long. As far as perennials go, this is perhaps the boldest statement you can make in the garden.

The foliage of Sum & Substance Hosta begins the season light green to almost chartreuse in color and by the end of the summer lightens even further. Because of the light color, this plant really helps to brighten shady areas of the landscape.

Grow all hostas in partial to full shade in rich soil that is reliably moist but not soggy. Hostas often struggle planted amongst tree roots where competition for nutrients and water is fierce. Divide hostas every few years in the early spring just as the new growth begins to emerge.

Because of its size, Sum & Substance Hosta can easily overpower other perennials. I like to use it as a focal point or mixed with shrubs and other large perennials. It makes a wonderful statement combined with Cinnamon Fern, which easily matches the size of Sum & Substance.

Sum & Substance Hosta is commonly available from most retail nurseries.

Note: Hostas are highly susceptible to deer and rabbit browsing and should be planted where they can be protected. Left unprotected, your hosta may end looking like mine:

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