Plant Profile: Eastern Snowball Viburnum

Eastern Snowball Viburnum (Viburnum opulus 'Sterile')

Viburnums as a group consist of many species and cultivars and no garden should be without one. The Eastern Snowball Viburnum contains abundant clusters of sterile white flowers in heads that can be 3-4 inches across. The flowers emerge a pale green and quickly change over to crisp white in mid to late April. The leaves have a maple-like appearance and develop purplish-red fall color. The shrub itself can get quite large, 10-12 feet tall and wide. However, this should not deter the gardener from finding the perfect spot for it. Plant Viburnums in full sun to partial shade in rich, but well-drained soil. Try to site the shrubs in a location where pruning will only need to be done every few years. Prune immediately after flowering.

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