Georgia Gardener Newsletter Cool Plant: April 5, 2007

Magniflora Silverbell
Halesia diptera var. Magniflora

Species Native Range: Eastern/Southeastern US
Hardiness: USDA Zones 5-9
Mature Size: 15-25 feet tall and 10-15 feet wide
Exposure: Light to Partial shade
Soil: Organic soil that is average to damp
Ease of Culture: Easy

The Magniflora Silverbell is a wonderful small tree that looks wonderful at the edge of a woodland garden or in a location where it receives some morning or midday sun but protection in the afternoon. The delicate white 1-2 inch bell-shaped flowers hang down from the branches in early April. This tree often blooms simultaneously with the dogwood.

The medium green leaves will turn a nice shade of yellow in the fall. In the wild, Silverbells are found in moist soil adjacent to rivers, streams and lakes. They do well in well-amended garden soil that is high in organic matter and moist but well-drained. They can make wonderful alternatives to dogwoods that tend to suffer from a series of fungal diseases.

Grow Magniflora Silverbell at the edge of woodland garden, pond or on the north or east side of a building. They make great companions to Native Azaleas, Hostas, Ferns and other woodland plants.


Although I have seen this plant in the nursery or catalog listed below, I cannot guarantee that it will be available at the time of this newsletter.

Buck Jones Nursery: Grayson, Woodstock
Georgia Native Plant Society Plant Sale: April 21st, Piedmont Park
Nearly Native Nursery: Fayetteville
Pike Family Nurseries: Metro Atlanta
Sunlight Gardens: mail order

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