Georgia Gardener Newsletter Cool Plant: February 22, 2007

Japanese Aralia Printable Version (PDF)
Fatsia japonica
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Species Native Range: Asia
Hardiness: USDA Zones 7-10
Mature Size: 4-8 feet tall and wide
Exposure: Partial to medium shade
Soil: Organic soil that is well-drained
Ease of Culture: Easy

Only in the last few years have I felt comfortable using this plant in landscapes around metro Atlanta. With our warming winters, it has been possible to grow this plant safely outdoors without too much worry of damage from cold weather.

Japanese Aralia is an evergreen shrub with large tropical-looking palmate leaves and somewhat odd-looking white round flowers in late summer. It does best in partial to medium shade and looks great planted around water features.

Mix Japanese Aralia with other shade-tolerant evergreens such as Autumn Fern, Cast Iron Plant, Anise and Leucothoe. It also mixes well with Astilbes and Hostas.


Although I have seen or purchased this plant from the nurseries below, I cannot guarantee that they will have it in stock at the time this newsletter is published.

Home Depot Landscape Supply: multiple locations
Pike Family Nurseries: multiple locations

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