Georgia Gardener Newsletter Cool Plant: February 8, 2007

Ivory Prince Hellebore (Lenten Rose) Printable Version (PDF)
Helleborus x nigersmithii 'Walhelvior'
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Species Native Range: Asiatic hybrid of garden origin, parentage unknown
Hardiness: USDA Zones 4-8
Mature Size: 10-12 inches tall and wide
Exposure: Partial to medium shade
Soil: Organic soil that is well-drained
Ease of Culture: Easy

This recently introduced lenten rose hybrid is, in my opinion, a huge step forward for hellebores. Unlike older varieties, Ivory Prince holds its flowers above the foliage facing up and out making them easier to see. The leaves are also a bit smaller than other varieties giving this hellebore a more delicate appearance. The flower buds start out a rosy-pink-purple color and open to reveal white to very light green 1-2 inch flowers that are tinged in a rosy-purple color. The stems of both the flowers and leaves are a pleasant wine color. Remove any tattered foliage in the early spring.

Ivory Prince Hellebore was the product of garden hybridization where the breeder (and patent holder) is not absolutely sure of the parentage. Therefore, all IP Hellebores are the products of tissue culture and are identical in appearance and genetic make up. The plant is most likely sterile meaning it won't produce the copious seedlings often seen in other hellebores (too bad). Plants may be able to be divided every few years.

Use IP Hellebores in a shade or woodland garden. They mix wonderfully with ferns (evergreen or deciduous), hostas, foam flower, coral bells and a host of other woodland plants. They are deer, rabbit and vole resistant. They are also drought resistant once established.

Don't miss the upcoming Hellebore Days at Piccadilly Farms near Athens on March 2nd and 3rd which is free and open to the public. Call (706) 769-6516 for more information.


Although I have seen or purchased this plant from the nurseries below, I cannot guarantee that they will have it in stock at the time this newsletter is published.

Pike Family Nurseries: multiple locations
Plant Delights Nursery: mail order
Wayside Gardens: mail order

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